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Mahalo nui loa, thank you very much, in advance for taking this short questionnaire to help up improve this module.

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How interesting were the material and activities in this unit?

Ethnicity (Select all that apply):

Has this unit sparked an interest in a career working with Children, Family or Elder care?

Specifically identify and explain the career you plan to pursue once you graduate from High School?

What information sparked an interest, causing you to dive deeper into the research about your `ohana (family)?

Do you know anyone who can, and would be willing to volunteer to share specific information about family history, genealogy research, and family resource education?  (Type their name, email and phone number)

Did you share this learning with family or with a good friend?

If YES, What did you share and what reactions did you receive? If NO, What would be valuable to share with your family or friend?

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