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A University of Hawaii-AHARO Network-Schools 
partnership to address COVID-19 more effectively

The Pacific Alliance Against COVID-19 (PAAC) expands COVID-19 testing in the community and empowers educators, students and the community at large with education tools and connections with public health services, including those provided by the AHARO Community Health Centers. Learn more about our partnership.

The Pacific Alliance Against COVID-19 invites Teachers grades 6-12 to become a Certified COVID-19 Educator!

Four modules provide students and families with Hawaiian historical perspectives on infectious diseases, strategies to assess their risk for COVID-19, strategies to reduce their risk, and current testing and vaccination information. A mahalo of $50 per module, up to $200, is provided to teachers for getting certified on modules they select.

Click below to start certification!

The Pacific Alliance Against COVID-19 invites you to get tested for COVID-19 and participate in our research study!

You can receive up to $15 upon completion of a brief questionnaire and a COVID-19 test. For more information, please click on the COVID-19 TESTING button.

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