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  • You can check all the surveys in the "Surveys" section.
  • You can complete the curriculums present in the "Curriculum" section.
  • "My 'To-Do' List" shows you the tasks that are available for you to complete.

My " To-Do" List

Step 1:  Please read and submit consent form

Step 3:  Take the Module Quiz

Module quiz links are below each module's slide player viewer

Optional:  Teach the Modules 

(See Student Connected Activities)

Step 4: Attend 2 feedback sessions

Post Certification

Receive a mahalo stipend:

After being certified, please join us during two feedback sessions to share your experience with the curricular modules.  All feedback is greatly appreciated.  It helps us to make changes to both the website experience and the modules themselves.  In appreciation of the time and effort you are giving to become certified, and providing feedback we would like to share a mahalo stipend with you--$50/module you are certified on.  (4 modulesx$50, total stipend=$200)

Receive a Certificate of Achievements

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