There are many stories of individuals and families working together to protect one another through this pandemic.  Our resilience, to Kū Ho`omalu--to stand strong together in the protection of our beloved family, friends, and communities continues to be important as a new,  more contagious strain of COVID-19 is showing up throughout the globe.  Using the Swiss Cheese model from slide 8, create a protection plan that will keep your beloved `ohana and communities safe through this pandemic.  

If you have members in your family that you can work together with, great!  Share what you learned with them on the best ways to navigate safely through this pandemic.  Working together as a family is ideal so that everyone will be on the same page.  Each family will have their own unique plan based on what you learned from the Mo`okū`auhau module as well as on each member of your family’s need to go out to work, to purchase food…  Keep all of these different situations in mind as you create your protective plan.

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