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Provide Feedback and Earn a $25 Gift Card
Get Certified and earn $200

We invite educators from public, private and charter schools in Hawaiʻi to provide feedback about one of the four-module and get certified in any of our modules. Eligible teachers include full-time, part-time, summer school, and substitute teachers. These modules provide a Hawaiʻi-Pacific Island history on infectious diseases, strategies to assess risks at home for COVID-19, strategies to protect and prevent it, and current information on testing,  vaccination, and variants of SARS-CoV-2.

We anticipate that you will spend about 45-minutes of your time watching a 15-minute video, reviewing a set of slides, and providing feedback. Upon completion, you will have that chance to select a $25 gift card from Amazon, Longs, Foodland, or Starbucks.  In addition, after providing feedback on the modules, you will have the chance to get certified as a COVID-19 educator and earn up to $50 per certification for each of the modules, or up to $200 for all four modules!!!


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