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Welcome and mahalo for choosing the certification pathway!  We appreciate the time and effort!  In choosing this journey there is an official step that is part of the process.  Our project, the Pacific Alliance Against COVID-19 is working to build bridges between community, health and wellness.  Towards this end we want to develop a partnership with educators because education is critical in protecting our families and communities during this pandemic.  Before we can proceed with the certification process, we would like you to become a recognized participant -- a member of the collective that we are building.  Towards this end, there is a formal process in becoming a member, we will need to receive a consent that you agree to being trained in the modules, and providing feedback to us during two feedback sessions.  Your feedback is essential to our website’s design, the registration process, and if necessary, our making changes to the modules to better serve our educators and the communities they work in. 

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